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Book 1

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Book 2

Jason Overly, a technology billionaire funds a daring, rogue operation devoted to world peace.  This international team employs unorthodox methods including hacking, blackmail, extortion and, occasionally, murder.  The group has been given the name Purple Frog after the little know frog which spends most of its time underground, out of sight, emerging only for about two weeks each year.  Keeping below the radar is key to Purple Frog’s success but a plot to assassinate the new President of the European Union calls for more direct action and risk of discovery. 

Frederik Verwoerd is successful and rich but wants more.  His desire is to become a major player on the world stage and he decides that his South African armament company, MetalWorks, will develop a new weapon of mass destruction which he will sell to the highest bidder.  The weapon is neither nuclear, chemical nor biological but is able to destroy an army of 5,000 tanks in the field or even a major city. To demonstrate its power, he targets a well-protected symbol of the United States and will live telecast its destruction.


It falls to Purple Frog, a private and clandestine organization to stop him, but to do so, Purple Frog must reveal its existence to the CIA however it is already facing a threat from the Russian president who wants to locate and punish the organization.


Fast action, technology and unforgettable characters make this thriller a must-read second book in the Purple Frog series.