A few other stories by Harry Bunn 

This was a writing exercise in which I was tasked to write a complete story in just 150 words or less....

Man’s Best Friend?


Jeb was not a very nice man.  He had been abusive to his wife and children.  The children had left home as soon as they could, and his wife finally gave up and died.  Jeb’s dog, whom he refused to call anything other than “Dog”, was his only companion and Jeb now took out his drunken rages on the dog. 


While cutting wood one day, his chain saw hit a particularly hard part of the tree and bouncing back, severed his leg badly.  He screamed in agony and realized that he was alone and would die without rapid assistance.


“Dog, go and get help”.


Dog looked at him through his deep brown eyes and settled down on the ground to watch Jeb’s distress and pain. 


“Dog, I said get help.  Now!” 


Dog yawned.