Bluetooth Beanie Cap operating instructions.


First time use:

Charge battery:

  • Attach the supplied USB cable.  Insert the Android connector into the beanie (under the battery on the side with the controls) and the USB connector into a USB charger or PC USB port

  • The red light will display on the beanie showing that unit is charging

  • Continue to charge for 2 hours – red light goes off when fully charged

  • Disconnect charging cable       

Pair with phone:

  • Select “settings” on your smart phone and the turn on Bluetooth

  • On beanie, press center button (Play/Stop) for 3 seconds – “long press”

  • Smart phone will indicate “BT-01” found

  • Select this

  • Earphone will confirm Bluetooth connection

Normal Use after setup

  • Ensure unit is charged

  • Power on – long press on Play/Stop button

  • Audio will confirm “Power on” and “Pairing” and “Connected”

  • Play music, audio and telephone calls from your smart device with controls on that device

  • Beanie battery will operate for about 6 hours on full charge depending on volume being used


Playing music

  • Press Play/Stop to start or stop playing

  • Press + to move to next song

  • Press – to move to previous song

  • Long press + will raise volume to highest level

  • Long press – will reduce to lowest volume level

Handsfree  telephone

  • Incoming call

    • Press Play/Stop button to receive call

    • Long press Play/Stop button to reject call

  • During call

    • Long press Play/Stop to switch to mobile device for call

    • Long press Play/Stop to switch back